Rob Paravonian, Comedian

“”Pachelbel Rant,” his anthem for frustrated cellists everywhere…”

It’s probably no coincidence that comedian Rob Paravonian comes from the same place as another famous everyman, Jack Benny, Waukegan, Illinois.

Paravonian deftly wonders at the fly in the ointment, while Benny himself actually was the fly. His hilarious “Baby In A Bar” is a prime example. Taking note of the strange hipster phenomenon of bringing their babies to taverns, the song is less of an indictment and more a general curiosity.

When he’s not hosting and performing at showcases in his current climes, Brooklyn, NY, Paravonian can be found doing everything from touring the country to entertaining families on Disney cruises.

One of his greatest skills, however, is his ability to craft music videos for his satirical songs. “Pachelbel Rant,” his anthem for frustrated cellists everywhere, became an internet sensation a few years ago, garnering over 15 million YouTube views.

Other standout videos include the “Driving With Grandpa” and “The Other Property Brothers.” Also of note is his series “52 sellout,” featuring a year’s worth of commercial parodies guaranteed to produce far more than 52 laughs. You can connect with Rob on YouTube, or at .

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