Spies In Disguise

“Will Smith’s Lance Sterling is the only spy cooler than James Bond…”

You might ask, “How in the world does a movie about the world’s greatest spy turning into a pigeon get greenlit?” Cast Will Smith and Tom “Spider-Man” Holland as principals, that’s how.

Holland’s character, Walter Beckett, is one of the Q’s at the spy agency, who’s got an unorthodox approach to the gadgets that he creates to stop the bad guys. In short, his devices never harm anyone. Whether it’s an endorphin-inducing glitter bomb, or a bubblegum-like substance that renders villains unable to walk, all are designed to gently contain.

Will Smith’s Lance Sterling is the only spy cooler than James Bond, even when Beckett accidentally turns him into a pigeon. As you’d expect, his quips and one-liners rarely stop, keeping the pacing brisk.

Visually, Blue Sky Studios has another film that’s nearly as brilliant as anything Pixar has produced. In fact, some of the mid-century styling made this feel almost like part of The Incredibles  franchise, which is no small feat in itself.

Great for families, there’s really nothing objectionable in this. There is a scene where Sterling tries to use an airplane bathroom after he’s turned into a pigeon, but it’s not really rude, as whatever happens in the bathroom is left up to the imagination of the viewer. It mostly just comes off as silly.

I laughed out loud more times than I can count, which tells me that Spies In Disguise will be well worth seeing again in the future.


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