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Little Big Town/Nightfall

Little Big Town

Nightfall (Capitol)

One of my pet peeves about modern country music is the subject-matter death-grip it’s got on; trucks, tailgating, partying by the river, partying on the river, tractors, worn bluejeans, and drinkin’. I’ve even scanned song names on the backs of CD’s before, and found more than one of these subjects covered. Surely, there must be more to rural life.

On their latest, Little Big Town produces not one, but TWO drinking songs in “Over Drinking” and “Wine, Beer, Whiskey.” The problem? They’re both so well-written and catchy, that they’ve been on repeat play in my brain for two days now. The Fleetwood Mac-inspired “Nightfall” is a stellar single, and “Sugar Coat” is a heartbreaker of a ballad that puts a lump in my throat every time I hear it. Highly recommended.


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