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Amy Petty / The Darkness Of Birds

“…her urgent vocals are ripe with hope.”

Amy Petty

The Darkness of Birds (Self-released)

Sometimes I come across an artist and am so impressed, that I have no choice but to immerse myself in their back catalog. This happened when I first heard Kathleen Edwards, Neil Finn, Suzanne Vega and several others. Among songwriters at this level, there is an investment of themselves in the music that is immediately respectable (and intriguing).

Petty’s music is often dark, “Undertow,” and dripping with atmosphere, but her urgent vocals are ripe with hope. “The Dreams That Are Waiting for Us” and “Liar and a Thief” feel somber, yet inviting, like a warm cup of coffee waiting on a cafe table in late Autumn. The production is sparse and warm, letting Petty’s voice and thoughtful lyrics stand up front, right where they should be. Lovely.


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