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Ozzy Osbourne / Ordinary Man

“…he still knows how to write a vocal hook that pulls you into the song.”

Ozzy Osbourne

Ordinary Man (Epic)

Ordinary Man won’t be released in its entirety until February 21, but in the meantime, we’ve got three new tracks to chew on. These three, written with the aid of Duff McKagan of G’N’R and Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers, are really strong. According to Ozzy himself, the two would work on creating rhythm tracks during the day, and he would plot out the vocals at night.

Ozzy’s always been a favorite of rock fans, who are pulling for him even more since his recent Parkinson’s diagnosis. In spite of it all, he still knows how to write a vocal hook that pulls you into the song. “Straight To Hell” is a real driver, thanks to Smith’s muscular slamming. “Ordinary Man,” a duet with Elton John, is a real tearjerker, given the ever-increasing number of classic rock stars passing away. When Ozzy sings, “I don’t want to die an ordinary man,” it’s apparent that this is his way of saying “All Things Must Pass.”

The third track, “Graveyard,” is a throwback of sorts, with gentle acoustic guitar picking and Ozzy’s vocal double-tracked (and possibly triple-tracked). Three and a half minutes in, we switch gears and it turns into a fuzzy, chaotic jam. If “Ordinary Man” is to be his last release, he can rest assured that he’s done his legacy proud.


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