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Renee & Friends/Kindred

“…will no doubt inspire spontaneous good deeds among listeners everywhere.”

Renee & Friends

Kindred (One Melody Records)

From the press kit, Renee Stahl enthuses, “I am thrilled that these wonderful artists, whom I so much admire, have given their time and talent to help make Kindred what Renee & Friends is all about: people helping each other, coming together and promoting kindness.” The friends she’s talking about just happen to be; Ziggy Marley, Lisa Loeb, Elizabeth Mitchell and others. They are the icing on an already-sweet cake.

Kindred plays in the same way that all of my favorite children’s music does, in that it aims high, disguising itself with great performances and really likable songs. The opener, “Kindness Is Cool,” will no doubt inspire spontaneous good deeds among listeners everywhere. “Where Do Children Play?” is a beautifully-sung duet with Ziggy Marley, about the need for clean, green space to grow up in.

“How Did You Get So?” A sing-song about appreciating our friends’ strengths, closes the disc with an important, optimistic thought. Being kind is easy, and it’s within everyone’s ability to really make someone’s day turn around, if it hasn’t been going so well. It’s a nice thought that we should all consider.


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