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Walking On Sunshine!

Yep, it’s been in a million movies and commercials, and a lot of people are sick of it. Not me. I still love the song, I still love the video. I remember hearing it on the radio and how much I loved it. It sounded like the 60’s, just when everything else was sounding so much like the 80’s. I went to my local record store and bought the single the very next day.


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I associate this song with almost an encore of my late teens, even though I was 25 in 1985. I was working two jobs (full-time at a record store, part-time on a closing shift at McDonald’s), the bars in Buffalo were open until 4 am, so it wasn’t unusual for the McDonald’s closers to stop for a drink after work. “Walking On Sunshine” was everywhere you went that summer, and in a good way. The album was a fixture on the record’s store in-store playlist, of course, and I wound up preferring “Red Wine And Whiskey” as my top Katrina & the Waves choice. But “Walking On Sunshine” was indeed special.

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