Lisa Loeb / A Simple Trick To Happiness

Lisa Loeb

A Simple Trick To Happiness (Furious Rose)

When I’m listening to a Lisa Loeb record, I’m always struck by how well-thought-out they sound. The arrangements are always tight, the vocal performances are smooth and warm, and the overall production technique is never heavy-handed or inappropriate. Every last detail is always just right.

He opens the door, he wants to know me. Shouldn’t I be happy?” asks Loeb in “Doesn’t It Feel Good.” In “Skeleton,” she ponders the impression she’s making on other people. Can Lisa Loeb really still be that self-conscious after all these years? Maybe?

Beautifully double-tracked in “Shine,” Loeb sweetly sings of personal contentment, which this critic hopes she’s found at this stage in her life, and “Sing Out” is a hopeful anthem for those in need of a little celebration in their lives. Whether as  suggestion or reminder, it’s a really nice thought, sung in earnest, as the whole affair is. Highly recommended.


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