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Growing up in the 1970’s, fast food was a bigger treat than it is today. Home-cooked meals were the general rule of the day, but occasionally, we got to go out to eat. Usually, it was because we were spending the night with our grandparents.

One of the places that my grandparents like to take us to was Burger Chef. There were two in our town back then, and the buildings are still recognizable today. One is a Mexican restaurant, and the other is a liquor store. Every time I drive past one of them, the memories come back to me.

To my memory, Burger Chef was the originator of the kid’s meal. I remember that at one time, your burger & fries were served up on a Burger Chef Frisbee. There are actually a few for sale on eBay right now. There were two versions, one was glow-in-the-dark, the other was red. How could a kid in the 1970’s not be roped in by a gimmick like that?

My childhood memories of Burger Chef, and spending time with my grandparents, whom I really loved, will always stay with me. Like a warm, sun-tinted Polaroid, they are among the best that I have.


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