Radio Deer Camp

There’s a great radio station out of Syracuse that I listen to quite a bit, and they’ve got a big problem. New York’s governor has issued a stay-at-home order, which means, none of their on-air talent is able to make it to the station to do that thing that they do!

Thankfully, others are stepping in to help. My friend Rich Firestone has started his own pre-recorded show, which will help fill the gap until the regulars can get back to work. I sincerely hope he continues long after that, because his show is a good’n.

With his trusty producer, Harry the Corgi, Rich opens up his treasure trove of CD’s, vinyl and tape, to give listeners a pleasant Sunday drive through the history of recorded music. It’s a talented DJ that can string together the likes of Mose Allison, The Beatles,The Modern Lovers, Johnny Cash & Captain Beefheart, and Rich does exactly that.


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