The Duncan Imperial

“…like a giant Smith Brothers’ cough drop.”

When I was in grade school in the mid-seventies, the yo-yo made a huge comeback. I can clearly remember getting one in my Christmas stocking one year. It was a deep, slightly-transparent red, like a giant Smith Brothers’ cough drop.

At the time, a yo-yo probably cost $1, yet yielded a million dollars worth of fun. Santa had brought the premier yo-yo of the day, The Duncan Imperial. Although I never got to be proficient with it, I could make it sleep and walk the dog a little. I also seem to remember that my Dad would join in once in awhile, which was unusual. It must’ve brought back a good memory or two for him, because he wasn’t usually interested in doing “kid stuff.”

When I was looking for stocking stuffer for my daughter and my wife last Christmas, I picked up a Duncan Imperial for each of them, which they had great fun with on Christmas Day. You know, a lot of things don’t live up to their memories when they’re revisited as an adult, but The Duncan Imperial yo-yo sure did.


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