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“I know you can get this.”

I’ve been watching Robert Baker’s YouTube channel for a couple of years now, and can honestly say that it’s one of my very favorites. While the genre of YouTube guitar-centric shows is a crowded one, Baker is one of the few hosts that is able to create an actual friendship with his viewers. That’s probably the main reason, along with his cheery “How ya doin’ everybody?”, that  we keep watching.

His style of guitar instruction is welcoming and optimistic, and he graciously never over, or underestimates, the viewer’s ability. He’s quick to comment “I know you can get this,” or “I had trouble learning this riff, when I first started playing.” He’s the teacher that knows not to yell at you during a critical section of your own learning curve. In our hurry-up society, he’s one of the few people I’ve come across that seems to have endless patience.

As a guitarist, Baker cut his teeth on the rock and metal of the 70’s and ’80’s, and his practical examples of music theory are pretty likely to include a classic Bryan Adams or Poison riff. He excels at making his viewers’ guitar ambitions seem possible, which for amateurs like me, is invaluable.

Baker is a stay-at-home dad, and his occasional interactions with his son, who likes to crash the show, are always good-natured and humorous. His wife drops in now and again, too, and it’s nice to see that they’re all part of a supportive, happy household.

Robert Baker’s channel is perfect viewing for coffee time, which is when I usually tune in. It’s always a pleasant hang, and a great way to start your day, or take an afternoon break. It should come as no surprise that Acacia Guitars aligned themselves with Baker, as someone perfect for representing their small family company with a custom guitar built for him. They must feel the same way that I do, that he’s well-worth having as a friend.

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