Matt Antonelli / Antonelli Baseball

“…Antonelli is an invaluable source of information…”

Supplying some much-needed inside baseball regarding current MLB negotiations, is former major leaguer and rising YouTuber Matt Antonelli. Antonelli was a first-round draft pick for the San Diego Padres, played with several other teams, and eventually opened his own baseball school.

His YouTube presence is a welcome addition to the medium, especially in light of pro baseball being indefinitely put on hiatus. Answering fans’ questions about all things baseball, Antonelli is an invaluable source of information, separating baseball fact from fiction, in an easy-going manner.

Recently, he’s been using his downtime to curate a select baseball card collection, several of which have been featured on his show. He freely admits that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know about card collecting, proudly explaining (with youthful enthusiasm) each of his picks. You know, just regular guy stuff.

I usually catch up with his latest videos while having my morning coffee. If you’re a baseball fan, I highly recommend that you do, too. Give him a thumbs-up, ring that bell and subscribe.

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