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Brandi Ediss / Bees And Bees And Bees

Brandi Ediss

Bees And Bees And Bees (Futureman Records)

Brandi Ediss is her own best therapist. As evidenced here on her excellent debut album, Bees And Bees And Bees, the Chicago born singer-songwriter not only courageously confesses her true feelings and intelligently analyzes such issues dealing with loneliness, isolation, insecurity and romance, but does so with acceptance and a keen sense of humor. 

Pitching a pure and pretty voice that commands infinite listenings, Brandi croons her catchy compositions in an intimate and conversational-like tone. Aside from the standard pop rock set up of guitars and drums, sleigh bells, glockenspiels, pianos and handclaps appear on a good number of the songs.

Driven by a strummy ukele, Robot Heart promises to get the toes tapping and the fingers clicking, while Count To Three is marked by a jazzy shuffle and engaging chord changes. Triggered by a neo-country beat, Stupid Boyfriend rings and romps with head-bobbing hooks, where quieter tracks such as Chicago and The Sweetest Words are costumed in atmospheric attire.

Split fairly between perky songs and moody ballads, Bees And Bees And Bees  relays a poetic quality that is evocative and inspiring. A great introduction to a clever and creative artist, Bees And Bees And Bees is guaranteed to receive heavy rotation on plenty of playlists.

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