Growing up in the suburbs in the 1970’s, there were two ways that we cooled off from the summer heat. First, there was the sprinkler. If we could get Mom to set up the sprinkler, we were in heaven. That was almost as good as a trip to the beach. The second way we cooled off, also courtesy of Mom, was an ice-cold, orange sherbet Push-up.

Luckily for us, our Mom always had the freezer well-stocked in the heat of summer; Push-ups, Fudgsicles, Popsicles, Freeze Pops…were always at the ready for sun-soaked kids. I liked Push-ups best of all, with their red, yellow and blue polkadotted cylinders.

Push-ups seemed to taste better than regular orange sherbet out of the tub. They were a couple of minutes of melty heaven, until disappointment revealed the clear plastic end of the platform that actually “pushed up” the treat that was named after it.

The good news is, you can still buy Push-ups today, in a variety of flavors and packaging. If you’re looking for the most vintage experience, Target sells a version that even comes packaged just like you remember, in polkadotted cylinders. Enjoy!

Dan Pavelich

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