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The Brothers Steve / #1

The Brothers Steve “#1” (Big Stir Records 2020)

The debut album from The Brothers Steve – aptly titled “#1” – was originally released in 2019 and available only on vinyl. But the good folks at Big Stir Records kindly reissued the collection on compact disc so those who don’t own turntables can now enjoy these smashing songs.
Starring Jeff Whalen on vocals and guitar, bassist Jeff Solomon and drummer Steve Coulter – who some of you may be familiar with from the noted Los Angeles band Tsar – and Os Taylor on vocals and Dylan Champion on guitar and vocals, The Brothers Steve specialize in high-velocity power pop that is economical and exciting. If pressed for comparisions, it would be fair to say the band sounds like a cheeky Davy Jones fronting the Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus, capped in a modern presentation.
Spilling forth with stamina and spunk, numbers such as “We Got The Hits,” “Beat Generation Poet Turned Assassin,” “She,” “Angeline” and “”Carry Me” are crammed tight with clawing hooks, sugar-fueled bubblegummy harmonies and hopping rhythms. Focused and fit, The Brothers Steve push all the right levers at all the right times. 
No matter what the fad of the moment is, there always seems to be an audience for rocking guitar pop. And there is no question “#1” is one of the best albums of its ilk to come ringing down the road in recent memory. Slip into your dancing shoes and get ready to bop the night away!

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