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Lisa Mychols & Super 8 / Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime

Lisa Mychols & Super 8

Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime  (The Beautiful Music 2020)

Originally recorded and released by Korgis in 1980, Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime has been revisited by a number of different artists over the years. Now it’s Lisa Mychols & Super 8’s turn to tackle the noted song, and there is no denying their version ranks as the best of the lot.

Piloted by a dreamy vocal, aching with longing, from Paul “Trip” Ryan, the song commences to the tenor of a riffy acoustic guitar prior to mushrooming into an electrifying shot of tight-fisted pop rocking pizazz. Lisa’s lovely and lucid harmonies, combined with a hypnotic melody, seed the power ballad with additional shades of color and light. 

Simple but effective, Lisa Mychols & Super 8’s treatment of Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime is executed in a fresh manner, giving the song a timeless quality. After digging this heart-gripping confession, make it a point to check out Lisa Mychols & Super 8’s recently issued self-titled album, which needless to say, contains a tasty selection of ear candy. 

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