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Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes / Good Karma

Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes

Good Karma (Big Stir Records) 2020

Comprised of lead singer and guitarist Leslie Pereira, her wife Paula Venise on vocals and percussion, Rob Lontok on bass and Jeff Page on drums, Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes have been  deservedly deemed one of Los Angeles, California’s finest bands. Exciting live performances, bolstered by the quartet’s fantastic 2017 debut album, “Fight For Now,” securely sealed their royal reputation.

The band’s long-awaited sophomore effort, “Good Karma,” clocks in as a relevant companion to their first album. While acknowledgments to the punk-padded power pop philosophy of acts such as Blondie, The Go Go’s and The B52’s are present, Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes modernize their insanely catchy songs with maximum value. 
Firing on all cylinders, the group celebrates the joy of playing in a band on the suitably christened “Time To Rock” that simultaneously rolls and roars to a nagging beat. The title track of the album ping pongs with pogo-worthy rhythms, and “If I Could” springs forth with ringing riffs and sugar-sweet melodies. 

A sense of suspense steers “Chrome” that grinds and glides with adventurous curves, where a sense of snarky humor marks the bold and brazen “Race Car,” which is aimed a sorry individual who has apparently failed at every aspect of life. Proving to be a dazzling duo, Leslie and Jeff alternate vocals – with Paula contributing  a curtain of cool harmonies –  on the absolutely awesome “Slip,” an angst-ridden sentiment of love gone bad featuring a shot of crunchy ACDC styled guitar gyrations. A bit of a swagger, a hint of a smirk and a gripping groove direct “Hot Tamale,” which posts as another standout number included on the collection. 

Leslie’s tuneful vocals, projecting a sweeping edge, combined with the band’s killer instrumental instincts, are the stuff that makes “Good Karma” tick and click. Produced by Karen Basset of The Pandoras fame, the album embraces the band’s talent and passion from top to bottom. Twitching and bouncing with electricity, “Good Karma” deposits a dozen hook-happy songs that demand instant bodily reactions. So get the feet moving and rock on! 

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