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John Larson & The Silver Fields

John Larson and The Silver Fields

The Great Pause (Shiny Fly Records 2021)

Power popping roots rock bands are a dime a dozen. Yet it takes a certain  congregation of musicians to stand out in the pack. John Larson and The Silver Fields are such a group.

 Consisting of lead singer, songwriter and guitarist John Larson, guitarist and keyboardist David Richardson, bassist John Simpson and drummer Jen Macpherson, the Rhode Island based quartet proves their worth time and time again on “The Great Pause,” which marks their third album.

 Prompted by taut and grounded performances, every number on the ten track collection is not only direct and concise, but energetic and exuberant. Larson’s strong and vibrant vocals contain just the right mix of toughness and melody, while the band’s chops remain persistently sharp and nimble. Treading similar turf as acts like Tom Petty and Gin Blossoms, John Larson and The Silver Fields specialize in playful tunes composed of smart and catchy storylines. 

Wrapped in thrumming rhythms and tasty breaks, “Jericho” logs in as one of the many golden eggs laid on “The Great Pause,” along with the rolling and ricocheting reflexes of “Perfect Crime,” which is beaded with jittery new wave-coded keyboard runs. 

A call to get down and boogie fires the funky spunk of “Are You Willing To Move?” and “Blue Mind” involves a glowing arrangement of lilting licks and summery harmonies.

 The band’s indelible knack for jangly country folk rock rises forth on the strutting stride of “Told Ya” and the booked-with-hooks “Reversible Heart,” where the equally infectious “Progress” is sprinkled with a spot of soul-seasoned stardust.

 Those with an appetite for toned pop rock, baked in a southern-fried sauce, will be thoroughly satisfied with “The Great Pause.” John Larson and The Silver Fields definitely know their stuff and have both the talent and discipline to turn their bright ideas into reality. 

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