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Richard Turgeon / Forgiveness

Richard Turgeon

Forgiveness (2021)

 Directly on the heels of Richard Turgeon’s fantastic “10 Covers: Vol. 2” album arrives an original offering from the unbelievably prolific San Francisco Bay Area based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Available as a download single, “Forgiveness” is modeled on the old adage of “to err is human, to forgive is divine,” as the lyrics paint a graphic portrait of holding onto the hurt and struggling to let go of the anger.

While Turgeon has absorbed a number of different musical styles, guitar-orientied rock is the genre he clearly favors the most. And “Forgiveness” firmly inhabits such a realm. Contemplatively composed, the song begins mildly, then grows into a hard rocking display of combustive riffing and compressed rhythms before slowing down the pace and ending on a quieter note. Additionally epitomized by Turgeon’s arresting arena rock vocals and charged melodies, “Forgiveness” resounds with stamina and momentum.

 Once again, Turgeon has produced a song that not only features meaningful verse, but is sonically appealing. And expect to hear more from him very soon, as a new EP is presently in the works. Turgeon just keeps on keeping on, which is indeed a very good thing. 

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