Tambourina / Tambourine Dream


Tambourine Dream

(JAM Records 2021) 

Formerly known as Glowfriends, Tambourina recently issued Tambourine Dream, which serves as their debut outing under the new name. The eight-song set has been pressed in limited quantities on vinyl, but is also available on compact disc. 

Although the Kalamazoo, Michigan band changed their moniker, they have remained fully committed to the style of music they have been writing and playing for nearly twenty years. Comprised of the Zimont spouses – April (lead singer, vibrophone, tambourine) and Adam (drums, vocals) – along with another husband and wife team – Mark Andrew Morris (vocals, guitar, glockenspiel) and Holly Klutts-Morris (bass) – the quartet are dyed-in-the-wool shoegazers. 

Like any good album of its ilk, Tambourine Dream boasts the ability to transport listeners to magical realms. So find a comfortable spot, rest your head on a bank of pillows, shut your eyes and allow your imagination to run wild while bathing your ears in a spellbinding symphony of multi-colored shapes and designs.  

High in melodic content and paced accordingly, Tambourine Dream produces wave after wave of unforgettable motions. Propelled by drive, energy and a mesmerizing mood, Where To Start and the seizing swirl of Acknowledge You reel in as top-drawer tunes included on the album. The stirring Stay Home and the jingly sting of Matt & Sarah post as additional gems to be cherished. 

Easy breezy vocals flush with beauty and grace, twinned with virile orchestration based around ping-ponging rhythms, ringing guitars, washes of fierce feedback, shaking tambourines and contrasting hues of dark and light, view Tambourina at the peak of their shoegazing powers. Not only will fans of the genre enjoy Tambourine Dream, but even those who are not versed in this brand of music will get hooked on these hypnotic sounds. 

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