Ch’ King!

Burger King now offers up the Ch’King Sandwich, presumably in answer to the blockbusting success of Chick-Fil-A. Not that a burger joint offering up a chicken sandwich is an unheard-of thing these days, but BK is really bringing it with their latest.

The Ch’King is available in regular or spicy. For an additional charge, making the sandwich “deluxe,” lettuce and tomato are added to the standard pickles and special sauce. For this review, I chose the basic version.

The Good; The chicken breast was juicy and tender. I’m guessing that it was marinated to get it so tender. It’s a really high-quality piece of chicken. The coating had a seriously good crunch to it. The pickles were also tasty. All-in-all, this sandwich was very filling, even though I didn’t add fries to my order.

The Bad; Not that the sandwich tasted bad at all, but judging it just on looks alone, I was expecting a little more flavor. There wasn’t very much sauce on it, so I’m chalking it up to that fact. Burger King’s advertising shows much more sauce, both on top of, and underneath, the chicken breast.

The Ugly; There is no ugly here, I would order it again and be perfectly happy with it. I might ask for extra sauce, though. In comparison with Chick-Fil-A, I prefer the Ch’King. 

By Dan Pavelich

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