Pop Sunday

Red River Dream / Silver Ship – Somewhere At The Edge Of Time

Apparently a one-shot project, Red River Dream stars prestigious players from Chicago’s contemporary psychedelic pop scene. Put together by Constantine Hastalis, the group additionally features Matt Smalligan and members of Secret Colours, Lucille Furs, Triptides, Faux Co. and Soft Candy. Both sides of Red River Dream’s single were authored by Constantine, which marries airy-fairy lyrics to an intoxicating acid folk rock foundation. 

Haunting vocals, shimmering fuzz guitars and a ghostly chorus define “Silver Ship” before twirling organ breaks worthy of The Doors and Iron Butterfly enter the picture. As a fitting flourish, a wash of wah-wah riffs close the track. Drifting along to a brooding lick, “Somewhere At The Edge Of Time” further involves billowy melodies, lonely harmonies, simple but potent drumming and a splash of stinging Jefferson Airplane-styled six-string handiwork. 

It’s a shame “Silver Ship”/”Somewhere At The Edge Of Time” is purported to be Red River Dream’s sole effort, as these songs rank right up there with the best head music and will certainly leave listeners craving for more. 

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