The Ol’ CD Carrying Case

Some years back, I purchased a CD carrying case. I bought it for the specific purpose of carting discs into the studio for each weekly live edition of This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio with Dana & Carl. I wrote about the case here, and again here.

Our last live TIRnRR show was March 15th of 2020, before…you know what “before.” We began prerecording shows from home soon after that, and I don’t have any idea when–or if–we’ll ever return to doing the show the old way. 

So I haven’t needed my CD case in over two years. It still stands fully stocked and at the ready. It’s not quite a time capsule; I’ve swapped some of its contents in and out (though I have no recollection of what would have prompted me to do that), and it contains some CDs I didn’t even own yet when cooties closed the world. I guess it’s just a quaint reminder of what was. 

For whatever reason, it remains right here, jammed with perennials and fleeting fancies alike, supplemented by some Beatles CD-Rs and some MiniDisc compilations. Come to think of it, I also haven’t used my beloved MiniDisc recorder in about two years. Instead, I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of my digital files, Dropboxed back ‘n’ forth with Dana in assembling our new shows every week. I haven’t needed my MiniDiscs or my CD carrying case, and it’s possible I’ll never need them again.

That’s okay. Time forces us to adapt, and adaptation means we’re still here to rant about it. But the ol’ CD case is poised and prepared. 

Just in case.

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