Eric Bana / Corey Feldman

Here at Pop-A-Looza HQ, we think that there’s a remarkable resemblance between actors Eric Bana and Corey Feldman. What say you?

Double Take

Nathan Fillion & Jason Bateman

We think actors Nathan Fillion and Jason Bateman look like they could be brothers. Fillion’s detective show, Castle, has even used their resemblance as a running gag.

Michael B. Jordan / Nick Cannon

We’ve always thought that actor Michael B. Jordan, whose film credits include Red Tails, The Fantastic Four and Black Panther, looks more than a bit like professional host, Nick Cannon.

Millie Bobby Brown / Natalie Portman

Here at Pop-A-Looza HQ, we’re in agreement that Millie Bobby Brown and Natalie Portman look like they could be close relatives!

Sheryl Crow / Alicia Silverstone

You know we can’t help ourselves when we think that two celebrities look similar! Submitted for your consideration, musician Sheryl Crow and actor Alicia Silverstone.


Double Take!

We think that actors Sean Whalen (The Wonders’ biggest fan) and Steve Buscemi could pass for brothers, what do you think?

Double Take

Joe Jonas / Ammar Campa-Najjar

Jonas (L), Campa-Najjar (R)

Here at Pop-A-Looza HQ, we think that Joe Jonas of The Jonas Brothers and congressional candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar look a lot alike. What do YOU think?

Katina & Samantha

Here at Pop-A-Looza HQ, we’re struck by how much YouTube star Katina (Katina Eats Kilos) looks like travel maven, Samantha Brown. We think the two could pass for sisters!

Double Take

Emily Osment / Carrie Underwood

Here at Pop-A-Looza HQ think that actress and former Disney kid, Emily Osment, looks an awful lot like country singer, Carrie Underwood. We think the two could pass for sisters!

Joan Crawford & …..?

In our quest for look-a-likes, we came across this pic of Joan Crawford with her stand-in. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to track down the lady’s name or any info about her. We’re sure you’ll agree, though, she almost looks more like Joan Crawford than Joan Crawford!