Ch’ King!

Burger King now offers up the Ch’King Sandwich, presumably in answer to the blockbusting success of Chick-Fil-A. Not that a burger joint offering up a chicken sandwich is an unheard-of thing these days, but BK is really bringing it with their latest.

The Ch’King is available in regular or spicy. For an additional charge, making the sandwich “deluxe,” lettuce and tomato are added to the standard pickles and special sauce. For this review, I chose the basic version.

The Good; The chicken breast was juicy and tender. I’m guessing that it was marinated to get it so tender. It’s a really high-quality piece of chicken. The coating had a seriously good crunch to it. The pickles were also tasty. All-in-all, this sandwich was very filling, even though I didn’t add fries to my order.

The Bad; Not that the sandwich tasted bad at all, but judging it just on looks alone, I was expecting a little more flavor. There wasn’t very much sauce on it, so I’m chalking it up to that fact. Burger King’s advertising shows much more sauce, both on top of, and underneath, the chicken breast.

The Ugly; There is no ugly here, I would order it again and be perfectly happy with it. I might ask for extra sauce, though. In comparison with Chick-Fil-A, I prefer the Ch’King. 

By Dan Pavelich

Rebel Ice Cream

Let’s get real, sugar-free products have a history of being really horrible. More often than not, the sugar is replaced with some kind of lab-concocted sweetener that leaves a strange, almost chemical taste in the mouth. Fortunately, for those of us looking to lower our sugar intake, Rebel Ice Cream does not suffer that negative. It actually tastes good, like real ice cream should.

Rebel ice cream is made with full-fat cream, unlike many of its healthy competitors. While net carbs remain low, 4-8 grams per serving, the fat content can range from 50-70 grams.  Obviously, you can’t indulge every day, but in moderation, this ice cream is a dream-come-true for cravers that need that occasional scoop.

Sweetened with erythritol, a natural sugar found in monk fruit and chicory root, Rebel ice cream won’t raise your blood sugar or insulin. Technically, erythritol is an alcohol sugar that is easily metabolized by your body, unlike the corn starch, corn fiber, and chemicals often found in other brands.

So, how does it fair in taste? We sampled several flavors, including; Birthday Cake, Triple Chocolate, Mint Chip and Butter Pecan. The comment heard most often by our tasters was, “This tastes like regular ice cream.” What more could you ask for? 

One of our tasters is on a low-sugar diet, with a goal of consuming less than 25 grams of sugar per day. As Rebel ice cream ranges from 0-2 grams of sugar per pint, guiltlessly having  two or three servings of ice cream in a week is possible. Again, though, you have to keep an eye on the fat content.

We’re looking forward to sampling more flavors!

By Staff

The Sweetest Smile

When I was a kid, I’d tag along with my Mom to the bakery to get donuts. If they had smiley face cookies, and they usually did, she’d get me one. Even today, when I walk into a bakery, just the smell of the place takes me back to being a kid and getting one of those sweet, yellow beauties.

These days, I still come across this old friend now & then. I still pick one up, I still enjoy it, and I still marvel at how something so small and seemingly-insignificant can make me happier, completely turning my day around. When people say that you should savor life, I think this is exactly what they mean.

No, a perfect moment doesn’t have to involve baked goods, but it sure does help.


McDonald’s Donut Sticks

From the McDonalds website; “Our Donut Sticks add a touch of sweet to your morning. They’re made fresh with light, flaky golden-brown dough and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Now, our delicious Donut Sticks come with Chocolate Sauce. Try them with a cup of our simple, satisfying Premium Roast Coffee.”

A lot of Sunday mornings at my house begin with a run to McDonalds. Yeah, I know it’s not healthy, yeah, I know………at any rate, when I go through the drive-thru, they always ask, “Would you like to try our donut sticks for $1.00?” I always say no, but have really wanted to try them. Today I gave ’em a whirl.

They reminded me of Taco Bell’s cinnamon twists, but with a more dense consistency. Not quite like a donut, more like fried bread, if that makes sense. Hang on there, junior, I’m aware that donuts in fact ARE fried bread, but there can be a difference. If you disagree, start your own blog. K?

The donut sticks come with a chocolate sauce, but I think maple syrup might’ve tasted a little better. Overall, it was just this side of being too sweet. Would I order them again? Probably not, because if I was in the mood for a donut, I’d just go to a bakery and get a legit one.

Van Dyke Brown