Leo Carrillo

Carrillo (L) with Duncan Renaldo (R)

Born on this day in 1880, in Los Angeles, California, actor Leo Carrillo. Carrillo starred as Poncho, opposite Duncan Renaldo’s Cisco Kid in the 1950’s. He also appeared in films with Abbot & Costello, Boris Karloff, Dolores del Rio, Bette Davis, and many more.

Double Take

Patric Knowles & Erol Flynn

Knowles (L) and Flynn (R)

Golden-era actor Patric Knowles had more than a passing resemblance to Warner Bros. Studio star Erol Flynn. The two were friends in real life, and made four films together; Charge Of The Light Brigade in 1936, and Robin Hood, Four’s A Crowd and The Sisters, all in 1938. 

While he was probably often thought of as Warner’s  B-movie Erol Flynn, he starred in numerous A-list movies, alongside Bette Davis, Abbott & Costello, William Powell, Myrna Loy, and Lucille Ball, to name a few. 

Knowles with Olivia De Havilland & Flynn.