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General Public / Tenderness

Tenderness was General Public‘s second single from the Lp, All The Rage. It appeared in a trio of classic 1980’s teen films, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Weird Science and Sixteen Candles.

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General Public / Tenderness

Here at Pop-A-Looza HQ, General Public‘s “Tenderness” is one of our favorite tunes from the decade of excess. Featuring Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger of The English Beat, General Public had a really great, positive sound. Enjoy!

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The Beat/Public Confidential

The Beat featuring Ranking Roger

Public Confidential (DMF)

The English Beat broke big in the early 1980’s, blending elements of ska and new wave into their own thing. Like a lot of early MTV bands, they eventually disbanded, before resurfacing in the 1990’s in multiple forms. Principal vocalists Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger both continued to tour as The Beat, as recently as last year, before Roger’s untimely passing in March.

“Public Confidential” is Roger’s swan song, and it’s an incredible one. The title track lopes along with spooky sax fills, feeling like the eery epitaph to “Mirror In The Bathroom.” While all of these songs stand with the band’s best, “A Good Day For Sunshine” is that feel-good anthem that eclipses them. Roger will be missed.

By Dan Pavelich