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Richard Turgeon / 10 Covers, Volume 2

Richard Turgeon

10 Covers: Volume 2″ (2021)

Every so often, Richard Turgeon takes a breather from crafting his own superb songs, and picks tunes of his favorite artists to tackle. The material included on the San Francisco Bay Area one-man band’s “10 Covers: Volume 2” slides in as the second installment of his recycling project, and features tracks that were released as digital singles over the past year.

The selections presented on this effort – which span different eras and styles –  generally follow the template of the initial versions. That is definitely not a bad thing, as some of these songs stand as of the most beloved of all time. Turgeon’s taut and durable vocals, paired with his cracking instrumental techniques, simply crystallize the qualities that made the cuts so appealing in the first place. 

Whether he is channeling the alternative rock of Hole’s “Malibu,” the twelve-string jangle of The Byrds’ “I’ll Feel A Whole Better” or the driving beat of Flesh For Lulu’s “Postcards From Paradise,” Turgeon approaches the songs with earnest enthusiasm.

 Other entries heard on “10 Covers: Volume 2” are The Mamas and the Papas’ luscious harmony-laden “California Dreaming,” T,he Cure’s punchy “Just Like Heaven,” and Neil Diamond’s “I’m A Believer” that was of course popularized in frisky fettle by The Monkees. 
Potty Mouth’s jaunty punk flavored “22,” The Bobby Fuller Four’s heartbreaking ballad “A New Shade Of Blue” and Oasis’ sweeping and soaring “Live Forever” also appear on the set.

 And how fitting it is Turgeon pays homage to Tom Petty on “10 Covers: Volume 2,” considering much of his original work invokes comparisions to the late icon. The song Turgeon elected to revisit is “Learning To Fly,” which adds a layer of  muscular guitar mettle to the mix. 

An eclectic choice of offerings, “10 Covers: Volume 2” is a nice thank you note to the musicians who have inspired Turgeon. Excellent indeed! 

Pop Sunday

Richard Turgeon / Postcards From Paradise

Richard Turgeon 

Postcards From Paradise

As a teenager, Richard Turgeo received his first taste of Flesh For Lulu when hearing their tune, I Go Crazy on the Some Kind Of Wonderful movie soundtrack. Still a fan after all these years, the San Francisco Bay Area  singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist pays homage to the South London band on his latest download single, which is an adaption of Postcards From Paradise that was initially issued in 1987. 

Copping a British accent with absolute perfection, Turgeon delivers Postcards From Paradise with a swagger and a shine. Built around a wall of rocking clamor, the punchy song is topped by an exhilarating chorus and electrifying melodies. Managed by power and presence, Turgeon’s cover of Postcards From Paradise is just as great as the original recording. 

On a personal note, Turgeon dedicates the cut to his sister Katherine, who introduced him to The Cure – another band cited as an early influence – and has always encouraged and supported his own musical activities. 

If you enjoy Postcards From Paradise – and I am sure you will – make it a point to check out Turgeon’s new album, Sea Change, which is set to be released any day now, but can be pre-ordered from Kool Kat Musik