Got Any Singles?

Dan Pavelich’s 1st Annual Means-nothing Awards

Please note: These awards mean nothing beyond the fact that I like what the recipients did. There were tons of albums, songs and videos that I never heard or saw. 2020 was a shitty year in general, but an extraordinary one for great independent music. It would have been impossible to acknowledge or consume all of it.


Coolest Release of the Year

Michael Slawter & The Pleased To Meet Me’s – Dear Bastards (Flexidisc)

Record of the Year

Marshall Holland – Paper Airplane

Song of the Year

The Vapour Trails – Lonely Man

Best Vinyl Releases (Tie)

Maurice & The Stiff Sisters – Welcome To Love

Gretchen’s Wheel – Such Open Sky

Best Cassette Release

Dw Dunphy – Test Test Test

Top Ten Singles of the Year  (In no particular order)

Ken Sharp – Girl

Ed Ryan – Even Time

Nick Frater – Let’s Hear It For Love

Tenderhooks – 20-20 Vision

More Animal – I Won’t Forgive You

The Empty Hearts – Coat-tailer

Katrina – Drive

Mike Daly & The Planets – This Is My Life

Coke Bela – Thank You, Paul

The Pretenders – The Buzz

Top Ten Long Players of the Year (In no particular order)

The Well Wishers – Shelf Life

Katrina – Hearts, Loves and Babys

honeychain – Pocketful of Good Luck

Tom Curless and The 46% – Almost Ready For The Future

Bill Lloyd – Don’t Kill The Messenger

It’s Karma It’s Kool – Woke Up In Hollywood

Nick Piunti and The Complicated Men – Downtime

Pop Co-Op – Factory Settings

Gary Ritchie – Head On Swivel

The Toms – The 1979 Sessions

Music Video of the Year

Tiny Bit Of Giant’s Blood – Girl Over Here

Best Children’s/Family Releases (In no particular order)

Lindsay Munroe – I Am Kind

Rena Strober & Friends – Imagine That

Red Yarn – Backyard Bop

Flor Bromley – Fiesta Global

Diana Panton – A Cheerful Little Earful

Congrats to all of the winners!

Flor Bromley / Fiesta Global

Flor Bromley

Fiesta Global

Whenever I hear Latin music, my first thought is, “There’s a party going on somewhere!” That very thought is proven true by singer Flor Bromley, whose Fiesta Global, aimed at kids and families, will move your feet as well as your very spirit.

Bromley’s pleasant voice is as uplifting as the rhythms that accompany it. “Fiesta” is a call to what sounds like the most fun street dance ever to take place. Complete with Mariachi and every manner of shaker imaginable, it’s a call to drop your troubles and pick up a tropical drink.

Listeners will be familiar with “Bamba,” the traditional version of the song made famous by Ritchie Valens. Here, it’s a jubilant duet with Claudio Vega, played on bouncy, nylon-string guitars. Bromley sings in a bilingual style, guaranteeing the wee ones will learn a bit of Spanish whether they realize it or not.

My fave of the set, though, is “We Came To America,” an anthem of inclusiveness that tugs at the heartstrings. Considering the state of the world today, it’s a message that many of us need to be reminded of. Highly recommended.

Dan Pavelich