The Wayback Machine

The Duncan Imperial

When I was in grade school in the mid-seventies, the yo-yo made a huge comeback. I can clearly remember getting one in my Christmas stocking one year. It was a deep, slightly-transparent red, like a giant Smith Brothers’ cough drop.

At the time, a yo-yo probably cost $1, yet yielded a million dollars worth of fun. Santa had brought the premier yo-yo of the day, The Duncan Imperial. Although I never got to be proficient with it, I could make it sleep and walk the dog a little. I also seem to remember that my Dad would join in once in awhile, which was unusual. It must’ve brought back a good memory or two for him, because he wasn’t usually interested in doing “kid stuff.”

When I was looking for stocking stuffer for my daughter and my wife last Christmas, I picked up a Duncan Imperial for each of them, which they had great fun with on Christmas Day. You know, a lot of things don’t live up to their memories when they’re revisited as an adult, but The Duncan Imperial yo-yo sure did.



Good Mythical Morning

Admittedly, I’m a little bit late to the party that is Good Mythical Morning. Hosts Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal began the show in 2012, which, despite its humble beginnings, now boasts a viewership of some 17 million subscribers worldwide.

You really have to tip your hat to these guys. The production value of this show is abnormally high for a YouTube show, which immediately validates the time you’re about to waste, watching them rate fast food burritos or give each other atomic wedgies. They’re quite obviously great pals, and the show has a really good-natured quality.

They’ve also become favorite guests of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, where Fallon joined them for culinary experiments entitled, “Will It S’more”,”Will It Hot Dog” and “Will It Hummus.” Silly objectives all, yet more entertaining than you’d think, which is why I watch these guys.

In a world where sometimes it seems negativity and partisanship rule the day, it’s nice to just turn your brain off and watch some fluff. Rhett and Link offer that to their audience in the best possible way.