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Huey Lewis and The News / The Power Of Love

The Power Of Love was released as a single by Huey Lewis and The News on June 1, 1985. It appeared both on the soundtrack of Back To The Future, and on the band’s Lp, Fore!


Huey Lewis

Huey Lewis & the News

Born on this day in 1950, in New York City, musician and singer, Huey Lewis. Lewis has been the frontman for Huey Lewis and The News since 1980, selling 30+ million records.

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Huey Lewis and The News / Weather

Huey Lewis & The News

Weather (BMG)

In 2018, Huey Lewis lost his tonal hearing, from Meniere’s Disease. Lewis and his band took to the stage in Texas, and it immediately became clear that something wasn’t right. Lewis was singing a full note off from what the band was playing. The show was abruptly halted, and the rest of the tour cancelled.

Thankfully, before Lewis lost his ability to sing, the band was already seven tracks into recording a new record, Weather. Still masters at meat & potatoes rock and roll, the group has never sounded better, or more at ease in its own collective skin.

Her Love Is Killing Me,” chock-full of Lewis’s bluesy harmonica, Sean Hopper’s B3 and Johnny Colla’s sax, it’s everything that longtime fans could hope for. Other standouts include the Chicago blues number “Hurry Back Baby” and “Pretty Girls Everywhere,” a snappy doo-wop ode. If this is to be Huey Lewis & The News’s swan song, it’s a damn fine one.