Got Any Singles?

Got Any Singles? Gretchen’s Wheel / Marshall Holland / Katrina

Gretchen’s Wheel/You Should Know 

Gretchen’s Wheel is a well-established favorite here at Pop-A-Looza HQ. On You Should Know, a preview track from the upcoming Lp, Such Open Sky, we get a crunchy bit of pop that would feel at home on a Fountains Of Wayne long-player. While we await the official release, we’re content to spin this track over and over. And over. And over.

Marshall Holland/When The Rain Comes

From one of the best Lp’s of 2020 (Paper Airplane), When The Rain Comes, by Marshall Holland. It’s a nifty, buoyant little number that feels like a dream collab between Tom Petty and Beck. Holland’s always-earnest vocals lushly surround the chorus hook that your ears have been searching for. The rest of Paper Airplane is just as wonderful.


Yes, THAT Katrina! She’s still walking on sunshine, with her swell new single, Drive. Her voice is in great shape, and this rockin’ single is a must-have for your summer (what’s left of it) soundtrack. Our staff loves this tune, and you will, too!

Dan Pavelich

Pop-A-Looza TV

Katrina / Drive

Brand new music from Katrina Leskanich, formerly of Katrina and The Waves! It’s a nice little power pop number called Drive!

Pop-A-Looza TV

Katrina & The Waves / That’s The Way

Post new wave, pre grunge, this first-rate pop song by Katrina and The Waves was lost in the shuffle. From their 1989 Lp, Break Of Hearts, this single should’ve been huge, along with its counterpart, Rock N’ Roll Girl. It rose to the #16 position in the United States, but struggled elsewhere.

Walking On Sunshine!

Yep, it’s been in a million movies and commercials, and a lot of people are sick of it. Not me. I still love the song, I still love the video. I remember hearing it on the radio and how much I loved it. It sounded like the 60’s, just when everything else was sounding so much like the 80’s. I went to my local record store and bought the single the very next day.