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Selena Gomez/Rare

Selena Gomez

Rare (Interscope)

“Lose You To Love Me,” the first single from “Rare,” became Selena Gomez’s first number one, last October. January 10, 2020, would find the album sitting comfortably in the top spot on release day. Internationally-impressive chart positions would also help propel this release to be her biggest yet.

Gomez is coming into her own as a songwriter and a person, which is often reflected in these up-to-the-minute contempo tracks, but even more so in the less commercial selections. While a lot of the style preferences feel inspired by Taylor Swift’s “Lover,”  the rapid-fire vocals and sparse production, there are some pleasantly inspired moments.

Acoustic bass and simple percussion make “Ring” sound like a jazz song straight out of a film noir, and the electric piano of “Crowded Room” recalls the soft soul songs that permeated radio in the 1970’s. “Cut You Off,” featuring guest Kid Cudi, flips the bird at a relationship drowning in nonsense. More moments like these, please.

By Dan Pavelich